Successful businesses claim many different reasons why they find fortune. The fact is, it takes a lot of smarts, years of hard work, and tons of grit to reach success. It’s also a reality that every business needs some help to get started and to stay in business.

You can be the most dedicated business owner. However, if customers aren’t buying what you’re selling, then you need to work smarter not harder. Most small businesses don’t have the funds to hire a branding agency to create the kind of brand recognition that builds swift success.

So, what’s the secret to success? Yes, it’s true, a vanity number is definitely one of the secrets to success. Take a moment to explore these 10 reasons why any business improves with a vanity number running the show.

1. Total Recall

A vanity phone number is a local or toll-free number with a series of memorable numbers or a word that represents a key point of your business. You buy it, and it’s yours forever.

Remember the last time you tried to recall the name of the number of that company who made those things you liked so much? You could look it up, but how do you trace it if you don’t even have the name?

According to a recent study by Infosurv Research, consumers had a 45% higher recall of businesses with a vanity number than with only a website. You remember 1-800-FLOWERS. Everyone does. People see it once, and they never forget it. That is total recall, plain and simple.

2. Free Advertising

Yes, “free” is relative, but it applies here. Think about it. You buy the number once. You own it. Forever. Well, if you buy the number through you definitely own it forever.

This means the vanity number increases your sales for not just a month or two but for as long as you stay in business. Now, think about that one for a second longer.

The vanity number isn’t like an Instagram or Facebook ad that lasts a month or two at heavy costs to your business. Your new vanity number sticks with you like a loyal friend who’s always there when you need it.

Your return on investment (ROI) could amount to more than you every imagined. It’s tried, tested, and true. That same Infosurv Research Study found that consumers remember your business over your competition when using a vanity number in an advertisement.

3. Create Convenience

Business owners like you know that customers may not always be right but they should feel as if they are right. They should feel satisfied with your services and/or products. You also know that today’s society lives and breathes convenience (aka instant gratification).

In business, convenience means easy and simple, which means customers need a way to remember and find you quickly. Over the years, vanity numbers proved all of that and more.

Which phone number would you remember? (212) 593-7154 or (212) 333-CARS. It’s a pretty easy decision to make.

4. Increase Calls

At this point, it’s not surprising that once you activate your vanity number, calls will increase for all the reasons we’ve already discussed and for the reasons that follow.

So, when those calls start increasing, what you do with those calls matters a lot. You will need a strong sales strategy for all of those potential customers who will also be your source of leads and sales. Prepare for it and keep checking our website for more about customer service and sales calls.

Get ready for an increase in calls.

5. Increase Leads

With an increase in calls, you automatically expand your reach. You can call it word-of-mouth advertising or leads. It doesn’t matter because your business will be growing fast.

One call could multiply into twenty or thirty calls very quickly depending on your approach and your creativity when bringing in new customers.

6. Increase Sales

The increase in calls and leads obviously means more sales for you. Whether you are a startup or an established business, sales bring in the money you need to keep conducting business.

With more sales and a growing customer base, you are now establishing yourself as a prominent figure in your industry. This leads to credibility.

7. Show Credibility

Establishing or building credibility in your industry gives you the upper hand when competing with other businesses. As you know, credibility plays a key role in business success.

With credibility, you earn the respect that making a profit cannot give you. Credibility is the difference between a street vendor and a Fortune 500 company. Take a look at the different industries using vanity numbers such as Legal or Automotive.

People respect you so much that they become loyal customers and clients that keep you in the game for as long as your heart desires.

8. Increase Trust

Credibility spreads trust which then increases word of mouth which increases calls and sales. With your new number, you create a cycle of trust.

This cycle continues to increase and grow with each call. A company such as 1-800-FLOWERS used every call as a springboard for more business.

They understood that stellar customer service doesn’t just increase the speed of sales but increases the growth of business. See this Forbes article about business success because of their attention to stellar customer service alongside the purchase of their famous phone number.

9. Bypass Competitors

You can’t have a business mindset without thinking of the competition. What better way to beat the competition from the start by having a vanity number up and running for customers to see, remember, call, and recommend.

Good business gets you a good customer base. Great business puts you at the top of your industry. You already know the incredible success of many businesses. Across industries, vanity numbers, pattern numbers, and local and toll-free numbers create success stories.

10. Create Long-term Relationships

With every business success, there are multiple long-term relationships. Most of those come about through customers. Having a vanity number is like buying an engagement ring. It shows your potential customer that you are serious about your business.

When they call you, it’s up to you to establish a contract and seal the deal. If you are committed to success, you will do that and more.

It all adds up to a simple decision. That decision should be pretty easy to make right about now.

Just ask yourself, do I want to be successful? If the answer’s yes, then add a vanity number to your business venture and watch the money roll in.