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Local Vanity Phone Number

Make your business pop in your location with a unique vanity phone number that your customers will remember and use more frequently.

Top Features

  • Easy to remember and to use.
  • Looks and works great in all types of advertising and marketing materials.
  • Increased memory and recall rates.

Block Vanity Phone Number

Have a business with presence in multiple states? Get all the benefits of a blocks of vanity phone numbers plus standardized communications.

Top Features

  • Perfect for nationwide business.
  • Receive calls from different locations to numbers from single block.
  • Reroute your customers' calls to their nearest location easily.

Transform your phone number into a business powerhouse.

212 Vanity Numbers maximizes your business effectiveness with convenient features that will help improve customer satisfaction, streamline sales, build brand awareness, and more.

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Great Customer Service! They helped us every step of the way to get our 212 number up and running in multiple states.

Rachel J.
Sales Manager

212 Vanity Numbers has the greatest selection of Vanity Phone Numbers for every affair, making it easier for our audience to remember us and get in touch.

John C.
Managing Partner

Great selection of numbers and quick purchase and transfer process. Will definitely use again.

Anish B.
Customer Service

Our phone sales have doubled in just a couple months after switching to a vanity phone number, which has proved to be a great investment for our business!

Vincent B

The best in the business, no question. A beautiful, easy-to-use website, great customer service. Not too expensive and got our number working in a couple days.

William B.

Hundreds of clients trust us every day to search, acquire, and purchase their vanity phone numbers.


What is local number portability?

Local Number Portability (LNP), also known as number portability and number porting is a term used by carriers referring to the process of retaining or keeping your same telephone number while switching from one carrier to another.